@loumarven Disciple. Husband. Dad. Dev. Learner.


Hey there! My name, well obviously, is Loumarven. That’s quite a mouthful, so just call me Lou. I’m happily married and we have been blessed with a beautiful daughter.

I put up this website so I can blog about my learning journey. Currently, I am learning about full stack web development in Ruby on Rails. I am passionate in utilizing technology to help solve problems, achieve organizational goals, automate things and do efficient work.

This blog is primarily an engineering/technical/development blog, but I wouldn’t mind sharing other stuff outside of that (because why not?). For the curious, this website was built using the following stack:

…and the awesome blog posts and forums where I got other helpful information to get this site to work. Whew! I’ll create a separate post to share more about that.

Besides this blog, you may also check what projects I’m up to on Gitlab and Github. Excited to learn and build with you! See you!